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Who we are

We are native speakers (British and American) who are also fluent in German. Both my assistant and I have been actively engaged in translating, copyediting and adult education since 2000. Since 2006 our two primary focus areas have been translation (German-English and English-German) and English copyediting.

What we do

As touched on above, the main services we offer are translation between English and German, as well as English copyediting. For both services, we cover a broad range of texts - from brief emails and PowerPoint presentations to entire book manuscripts. We also cover a number of subject areas, including:

  • law
  • automotive technologies
  • pharmaceuticals and
  • the food and drink industry.

Our specialty is climate research - a subject we are especially passionate about in light of its vital role in preserving our planet!

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Dr. phil. Matthew Fentem
Dr. phil. Matthew Fentem
Anne (Holloway) Mau
Anne (Holloway) Mau

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