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As you may have already experienced, if you need to publish or post texts in English, your safest bet is to rely on a qualified native speaker. That's why we maintain successful working relationships with so many German companies and institutes of higher learning - helping them get their intended message across in flawless, authentic English, and without losing the nuances that only fluent German speakers and veteran copyeditors can offer! 



Go with what you know

These days, many companies are proud to offer you a whole range of services, from interpreting and consulting, to coaching and, perhaps, a bit of translation, too. But we believe in focusing on fewer services and dedicating ourselves to them heart and soul. That's why we translate and copyedit texts every day of every week. As such, we actively practice and hone our skills on a daily basis - and use customer feedback and dynamic glossaries to keep perfecting what we do. That's the way we do business, and we hope you'll come to appreciate it as much as our many loyal customers have!



Go with experience

There simply is no substitute for experience. That's why we'd love the chance to show you what we're capable of! As native speakers who are passionate about what we do - and have been translating and copyediting for nearly 20 years EACH - we are eager to hear about your press release, presentation, article, brochure...or book!



Call or mail us and we'll be happy to send you a no-cost, no-obligation estimate!